Use of commercial LPG most safely relies on the selection of the right commercial LPG suppliers (good brandname, trusted by premium customers or well known safety-oriented mindset) with well-trained, and highly customer-oriented technicians via some following attentions::

  • Ensuring the system design and installation is complied with safety standards (local fire codes, NFPA, Shell …) and certified by 3rd Party before being put into operation;
  • Key pressurized equipment accessories, including specialized hoses, O-rings … are manufactured from big and world reputable brands, and LPG hoses with letters printed for LPG use;
  • Cross-checking integrity of the seals, cylinder brand name, seal, weight of the cylinder and bulk truck, inspection date of the cylinder or bulk;
  • Periodical check up or maintenance by LPG supplier like yearly high pressure test, leaking check with soapy water …;
  • Yearly LPG safety training by LPG supplier like common mistakes in using LPG and how to handle or escape in urgent cases;
  • Using PPE (gloves, steel toe shoes, goggles) when contacting or operating liquid LPG system (LOT);
  • No using cellphone inside LPG storage;
  • Locking all the valve of the system after working shift or leaving for home;
  • Never using refilled mini LPG steel cans.