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Monitoring Process of 20MT LPG Tank Manufacturing

There are many inquiries from customers about gas tank production standards for central gas tank (LPG) system projects. Through our project involving a 20MT gas tank (LPG) system at the TCL Vietnam Factory, NHIEN LIEU XANH clearly answers this question.

In Vietnam, there are a number of standards applied to the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, typically TCVN 8366: 2010. However, the central gas (LPG) system projects, consulted by NHIEN LIEU XANH for design and installation, always apply the ASME Sec VIII Div 1 standard, a US standard implemented all over the world.

The gas tank manufactured for the central gas (LPG) system is 100% new and made of ASTM A516 Gr 70 steel (made in Japan) for bearing capacity and pressure on the tank body can get up to 458 – 620Mpa.

Please contact hotline: 0915 947 117 for more support on design consultancy and installation of the central gas tank (LPG) systems.

View our video on monitoring process of 20MT LPG tank manufacturing below.

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