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Auto Change-Over Bypass Module – Liquid Gas (LPG) Line

Automatic changeover regulators have a mechanism that allows it to monitor vapor pressure switching from one container – typically a cylinder – to another in a multi-cylinder installation where two or more cylinders are used.

When the pressure drops in the service cylinder, the regulator automatically switches to the reserve cylinder without causing interruption in service, including backup line as manual.


  • Autochange Material: SUS304
  • Pipe material: SCH80, API - 5L
  • Connection: Flange - ANSI 300, 3/4" & Thread NPT
  • Flow rate (Kg/hr): 300
  • Pmax - Inlet/Outlet pressure (bar): 15.6
  • Setting change over pressure (bar): 0.5 - 2.0
  • Working temperature range (°C): -34 ~ 60
  • Main fluid: Liquid LPG
  • Origin: Japan
  • Module pre-engineered by Nhien Lieu Xanh
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