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Central LPG Control Panel

Take control of your LPG station with our electronic control panels. They are ideal for LPG Stations or Skid Station so you can control:

  • LPG Tank Level
  • Gas leakage sensors
  • Pump motors
  • Electrical current and phase
  • LPG Dispenser
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Panels can come with ex-proof or without none ex-proof enclosures


  • Panel body material: Steel, Electrostatic Painting,
  • Double doors with 2nd glass door
  • IP: IP42 or 54
  • Wall mount or ground stand
  • Tecnical & Safety Interlink: Gas Detector, Pressure sensor, Solenoid Valve, Alarm & Sound, Overfilled Prevention sensor, Digital Indicator
  • Output: Fire Alarm, BMS, FCC ...
  • Function: Manual & Automatic/PLC
  • Standard: IP 42 or 54
  • Key equipment & materials: Germany, Italia, USA, Japan, Vietnam, China ...
  • Customized by Nhien Lieu Xanh
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