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Flanged Safety Relief Valve

A safety relief valve is specifically designed to open and relieve the excess pressure from the equipment or vessel and re-close to prevent further release of the gas once normal conditions are restored. It is often the last line of defence for the operation and must be certified and capable of operating at all times under all circumstances.

During the operation of LPG, the safety relief valve is usually closed until the pressure upstream reaches the desired set pressure. Once it reaches the set pressure, the valve cracks open and continues to open further, allowing more flow out when the pressure increases.


  • Body Material: Cast steel
  • Flanged connection: 01' - 04", ANSI 300
  • Leaking pressure (bar): 17.6
  • Hydorstatic testing pressure (bar): 27
  • Max working temperature (°C): 400
  • Main fluid: Liquid/Vapor LPG
  • Standard: UL
  • Origin: USA/Korea
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