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Gas (LPG) Bottle For Forklift

Dedicated to forklifts that run on LPG, featuring 99% fuel efficiency, quick connection with check valves on both the cylinder valves and the male connections under ACME thread standard (USA), and an excess flow valve to prevent cold burns, fires and explosion caused by potetial liquid LPG accident during operation.


  • Tare weight of LPG bottle (Kg): 12.8 - 13.2
  • Fully filed LPG weight (Kg): 12 (+/-2%)
  • Propane/Butane: 50/50 (+/-10% or +/-10%)
  • Pressure at 38.5°C (bar): 07 - 8.5
  • Application: For LPG-powered Forklift truck
  • Valve connection: ACME thread (USA standard)
  • Fuel efficiency (%): 98
  • Standard: UL (for cylinder valve)
  • LPG source: Imported
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