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Gas (LPG) Supply From Bulk

LPG supply via underground or above ground systems are effectively applied to monthly minimum consumption capacity of 20 Mt to 30 Mt, resulting in lower fuel costs owing to improved logistical supply chains, particularly in terms of delivery convenience and lowering operational costs.


Has 2 forms: On-the-ground gas tanks and underground gas tanks


  • Underground Bulk: Steel, Bitumen coating & Anode system
  • Type: Horizontal U.G
  • Minimum recommneded storage volume (Kg): 3.500
  • Max LPG filled limit (%): 85
  • Recommended refilled level (%): 35
  • Propane/Butane: 50/50 (+/-10% or +/-10%)
  • Pressure at 38.5°C (bar): 07 - 8.5
  • Application: Mainly for factories or monthly volume of over 30Mt/month
  • Flanged connection: ANSI 300
  • LPG source: Imported
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