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Gas (LPG) Vapor Cylinder System

With LPG vapor cylinder system, all piping, fittings, valves, and equipment, excluding containers and appliances, that connect one or more containers to one or more appliances that use or consume LPG. Our LOT System Is A Modern Solution For Multi-Cylinder Installation, Where Withdrawal Of Liquid LPG From LPG Cylinders carried out, When Entered Into Manifolds, then it Gets Converted Into Vapor Using Our most efficient LPG/ Propane Vaporizer. Our LOT System Can Withdraw Liquid LPG And Deliver It Up To 10,000 Kg/Hr Of Flow Rate. We are offering different models as per the diff industrial needs consists of factory-made solutions like LPG C-LOT, E-LOT, and on-site installation of systems and other related services.


  • Manifolds and pipes: SCH80, API-5L
  • System type: In-use line & back up line (liquid and vapor) connected to Vaporizers
  • Connections: Flange and thread
  • Hydrostatic test pressure (bar): 26.5
  • Safety Relief Valve (bar): 17.6*
  • Main fluid: Vapor LPG
  • Temp range (°C): -20 ~50
  • Application: Liquid withdrawal system (ACME & POL valve cylinders);
  • Safety standards applied (by Nhien Lieu Xanh): TCVN 7441:2004, QCVN 10:2012, QCVN 06:2022, NFP 54, 58, 57, Shell ...
  • Modulars pre-engineered by Nhien Lieu Xanh (Vietnam)
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