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Gas (LPG) Vaporized System Module

A vaporizer is a kind of boiler to increase the heat exchange and assist LPG vaporization. LPG enters the vaporizer as a liquid and exits as a gas, just like we see with natural vaporization. The big difference is that vaporizers has function to add artificial heat to realize more stable and larger vaporization capacity. As it is creating artificial heat by its own, it demonstrate stable vaporization performance regardless of outside temperature.


  • Body Material: Powder coating Steel
  • Flanged connection: ANSI300
  • Pipe: SCH80, API 5L
  • Automatic shut off (Exd') for liquid line
  • Type: Electrical heating - Hot Water Circulation
  • Capacity (Kg/hr): 50 - 1000
  • Operating pressure (bar):12
  • Test pressure (bar):24
  • Safety Relief Valve (bar):17.6
  • Water heating temperature (°C): 70
  • Main fluid: Liquid/Vapor LPG
  • Class I, Division 1, Group D, T3; Ex db IIA T3 Gb (Zone 1)
  • Origin: Korea/USA
  • Module pre-engineered by Nhien Lieu Xanh
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