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High Pressure Gas (LPG) Rubber Hose

Specifically designed for use with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products, these hoses are typically made from a combination of rubber and reinforced fibers, and are designed to withstand the high pressures and temperatures associated with LPG use, including oil-cooking resistance feature.

One of the primary uses of an orange LPG hose is for connecting gas appliances to a fuel source. This can include things like gas grills, portable heaters, and even motor homes and RVs that run on LPG. These hoses are also commonly used in industrial settings for fueling forklifts and other types of equipment.


  • Material: Rubber (Orange)
  • Rubber size (mm) 13
  • Max working pressure (bar): 17.5 bar -
  • Standard: BS3212, Oil-cooking resistance
  • Working temperature range (°C): -30 ~ 60
  • Main fluid: Vapor LPG
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Pre-engineered by Nhien Lieu Xanh
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