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Liquid Gas (LPG) Filter Housing – Forklift Truck

Many forklifts and engines are equipped with liquid fuel filters located outside of the tank. These fuel filters require routine maintenance and should be serviced regularly. The smallest speck of dirt can clog a fuel injector resulting in sub-par performance. Fuel filters are a critical component in protecting the integrity of your fuel system. When your fuel filter clogs, dirt particles can block the delivery of fuel to your engine.


  • Body Material: Galvanized or epoxy steel
  • Threaded connection: Female NPT - 1/4"
  • Max working pressure (bar):30
  • Filter: Fiber glass with wire mesh
  • Working temperature (°C): -20 ~ 120
  • Main fluid: Liquid/Vapor LPG
  • Standard: EC
  • Origin: Europe
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