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Liquid Gas (LPG) Withdrawal Cylinder

With heavily forced vaporisation (continuous consumption over 30 kg/hr), the liquid withdrawal valve (ACME thread standard - USA) is used in conjunction with the LPG manifold system, vaporizer, safety equipment (pressure regulators, pressure gauges, LPG detector, excess flow valve, etc) connected with main and sub pipelines to supply gas to LPG-powered equipment.

For commercial and industrial environments, such as five-star hotels, metropolitan and industrial complexes, as well as for niche uses, such as foam, lighter fluid, and aerosol.


  • Tare weight of LPG bottle (Kg): 38.3 - 39.2
  • Fully filed LPG weight (Kg): 45 (+/-2%)
  • Propane/Butane: 50/50 (+/-10% or +/-10%)
  • Pressure at 38.5°C (bar): 07 - 8.5
  • Application: Mainly for liquid LPG withdrawal system or Forced LPG vaporization system ...
  • Valve connection: Dual valve - ACME thread (USA standard) & POL
  • Standard: UL (for cylinder valve)
  • LPG source: Imported
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