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Pure Propane (99%) Bulk

Pure propane is used in a variety of applications, including chemical synthesis, refrigeration and plasma. It especially gives higher energy in the oxy-fuel flame than LPG and also boiling (vaporizing) temperature is lower (it becomes gaseous at lower temperatures). This makes pure propane more efficient for oxy-fuel application than LPG.


  • Above ground Bulk shell: Steel, powder coating
  • Type: Horizontal A.G
  • Minimum recommended storage volume (Kg): 3.500
  • Max LPG filled limit (%): 85
  • Recommended refilled level (%): 35
  • Propane/Butane: 50/50 (+/-10% or +/-10%)
  • Pressure at 38.5°C (bar): 07 - 8.5
  • Application: Mainly for factories or monthly volume of over 30Mt/month
  • Flanged connection: ANSI 300
  • LPG source: Imported
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