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Threaded Digital Pressure Gauge – 1/4″

The digital pressure gauge operates on batteries and may be used to determine the absolute or gauge pressure of any liquid, oil, or gas.

The ability to rotate the display casing makes it legible in a variety of mounting orientations. The profile is rounded out by further features, including unit changeover, min/max value display, offset and span calibration, and automated power off settings.


  • Body Materials: SUS316L, Polycarbonate, FKM
  • Threaded connection: Male, NPT 1/4"
  • Display: LC-Display, visible range 40 x 30 mm; 4.5-digit
  • Size (mm): 54.5
  • Accuracy: ≤ ± 0.25 % FSO BFSL
  • Nominal pressure gauge (bar): 0 - 600
  • Burst pressure (bar): 2 - 800
  • Temp range (°C): -20 ~ 85
  • Main fluid: Liquid/Vapor LPG
  • Standard: IP65, EMC directive: 2014/30/EU
  • Origin: Germany
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