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Threaded Pressure Sensor – Exd’ Type

The pressure sensor was specially designed for use in hydraulic systems where high static and dynamic pressure loads occur. It is particularly characterized by excellent long-term stability, even with rapid pressure changes, as well as positive and negative pressure peaks.

The modular design of the device makes it possible to combine different stainless steel sensors and electronic modules with a variety of electrical and mechanical designs. This results in a variety of variants that meets almost all requirements for hydraulic applications.


  • Body Material: SUS316
  • Threaded connection: NPT 1/2"
  • Electric connecton: 4-20mmA 2-wire 24Vdc loop power
  • Accuracy: 0.5%FSO
  • Voltage supply: 08 - 32VDC;
  • Max working pressure (bar): 0.4-100
  • IP65, Explosion and/or weather proof coils and housings
  • Output signal: Intrinsic safety 4 … 20 mA / 2-wire
  • Standard: ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Main fluid: Liquid/Vapor LPG
  • Origin: Germany
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