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Temperature Sensor – Exd’ Type

The temperature sensor accurately senses the surrounding air temperature and actuates an electrical contact output at a pre-determined temperature. The expansion coefficients of the metal alloys used in the construction of the detector enable the hermetically sealed contact to activate at a precise point.

The sensor can be used as an alarm device to sense excessive heat or fire and warn personnel, or it can be used as a signaling device to sense fire and send a signal to an alarm panel for actuation of a fire suppression system.


  • Body Material: SUS304
  • Process connection: NPT 1/2"
  • Max working pressure (bar): 0.4-100
  • IP65, Explosion and/or flame proof and housings
  • Output signal: Intrinsic safety 4 … 20 mA
  • Standard: II 1/2 G Ex d II C T… Ga/Gb
  • Origin: Poland
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