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Vapor Gas (LPG) Cylinder

Naturally vaporizing and applying directly LPG from each 45kg-cylinder or via Manifold system to separate LPG powered equipment, such as commercial stoves (ie. small restaurants), mini nozzles, or for continuous LPG consumption capacity of under 25 kg/hr (ie. 4-star hotels, restaurants, canteens, factories, etc). The cylinders feature POL valves with left-hand internal threads that are connected directly to vapour LPG cylinder manifold systems and safety equipment (pressure regulators, pressure gauges, gas detectors, etc), and pipework.


  • Tare weight of LPG bottle (Kg): 38.3 - 39.2
  • Fully filed LPG weight (Kg): 45 (+/-2%)
  • Propane/Butane: 50/50 (+/-10% or +/-10%)
  • Pressure at 38.5°C (bar): 07 - 8.5
  • Application: For vapor LPG cylinder system
  • Valve connection: POL
  • LPG source: Imported
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